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Sep 21, 2011 11:00pm PDT
a show for you tonight. my guest tonight, mitch daniels. he is the current governor of indiana and the guy that every other republican says, "man, i wish that guy was running for president." [laughter] but at least maybe vice president. but let's start in washington. they enjoy that. monday morning president obama took to the white house rose garden, where appearing in front of the very doorknobs that might be hitting him in the ass next november, he talked death and taxes. >> today i'm laying out a set of specific proposals to finish what we started this summer. >> jon: you mean fort awesome? [laughter] treehouse i was bidding on the white house lawn. >> it's a plan that reduces our debt by more than $4 trillion and achieves these savings in a way that's fair. >> jon: what we'll do is one at a time excuse ourselves to go to the bathroom. then we will climb out of the window and into canada. [laughter] seriously, what's the plan? >> it comes down to this: we have to prioritize. either we ask the wealthiest americans to pay their fair share in taxes, or we have to ask seniors to
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Sep 22, 2011 6:00pm PDT
governor of indiana, mitch daniels, and from what i understand, it's going to go very long, so what we're going to try to do is, with as few cuts as possible, present it in a way that is coherent and makes sense and everything else will be up on the web, so, i mean, i know how you kids on the web like the watch people talk to governors. [laughter] his new book is called "keeping the republic: saving america by trusting americans." please welcome to the program governor mitch daniels. [applause] thank you for joining us. "keeping the republic: saving america by trusting americans," and you've met us, americans. >> you asking me? i've met a few. >> jon: and you still trust us? [laughter] >> i can make an exception in your case, jon. >> you've seen the "dancing with the stars" controversy. so for you, now obviously you were... you are still spoken of in very i think almost sacred terms as the fiscally responsible governor that could save the republican party, that could be president. a woman in the audience tonight would very much like you to be president or at least vice president. >> jo
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Sep 22, 2011 11:00pm PDT
or indiana or texas, every governor is in the game of competing for jobs. and that's not a very good national strategy. >> jon: so you are not just competing globally. >> no. >> jon: you're actually competing with right-to-work states. >> well, and every governor has an interventionist economic development strategy, you know, rick perry who says, you know, i want to get government out of your business, but every day his economic development team has big economic development fund and they're luring businesses that are strategic to texas. an they're closing deals with some money from this fund that's paid for by oil & gas royalties. every state has got some version of that. but the bottom line s the reason why we wrote this book is that is a really bad national strategy. because you are just moving businesses from one state to another, all through tax incentives. you're really-- rather than competing and inviting the globe to invest. >> jon: you're suggesting a darwinnian strategy every man for themselves, may the best man win is not a good national strategy. because i don't know that i buy tha
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)